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Do you need a local expert to help you frame out your basement walls? or help you build a new space in your home?

Are you struggling to know where to start in your home renovation or addition?

Would you like to start your big project but just need an expert to help you figure out what is needed to proceed?

FineLine Developments are the contractors you can trust in Saskatoon. We know foundations, framing, and have the knowledge to help you with any structural situation you need to tackle:

Obtaining Proper Permits
Planning and Designing Your Project
Following and Implementing Blueprints
Framing Your Space

Our Experience

With the numerous construction resources available on the marketplace, homeowners are exploring their options when it comes to home renovations, big OR small. Instead of moving to a larger home in a different neighbourhood, you may decide to undertake a renovation project that is more than just cosmetic, but that involves the walls, foundations, and structural components of your home.

This is where the skilled team of craftspeople at FineLine Developments come in. Having done many successful framing, foundation, and structural projects in Saskatoon, we have the experience to offer competitive pricing and do high quality work. We give you the peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

If you’re thinking of adding on new space to your existing home, or building a new one from scratch, FineLine can help you at any phase of your project.

One of the best things about working with a Trusted Saskatoon contractor like FineLine is getting the knowledge of an experienced team of professionals. When dealing with the ‘bones’ of your property, you need to be aware of how they all work together. Removing a wall here, adding a wall there, fixing foundational issues in home, etc. are big decisions and let the team at FineLine help you work through it all.

FineLine are your local home renovation experts specializing in foundation, framing, and structural projects in Saskatoon.

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Let us help you make your space a comfortable living space. After all, we spent a lot of time in our home and it should be just the way you like it. If you have an idea floating around that just needs refinement or inspiration, contact us, we specializing in turning dreams into reality.